Saving Grace Church

"Inviting All People to Know Jesus"

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We invite you to worship with us on our property starting June 1, 2014

We offer two unique worship opportunities every Sunday:
8:00am- Classic Liturgical Worship
10:00am- Modern Chapel Worship

We will no longer meet at Queen Creek Middle School, as we are stepping out in faith to be on our own property as we remodel our future worship facility. Stay tuned for more updates. 


In thankfulness to the Grace of God, we extend an unconditional welcome to all people who join us for worship. Though the world seeks to divide, at Saving Grace we seek to model the unconditional love and acceptance of Jesus Christ and to offer everyone a place in the family of God. Without condition or judgment, all are welcome to join us in worship, fellowship, and ministry.

"Inviting All People to Know Jesus"