Wondering what to do the with your stimulus check? One option is to give to Saving Grace’s Hope Fund.
Opinions ranging from delight to disgust surround the recent stimulus checks issued by the government. Depending on your view, for better or worse, government leaders have voted that one method to help out struggling individuals and promote economic growth is to issue personal stimulus checks to qualifying individuals. Several people have asked the church if they can give the money received from their stimulus check to the church. The simple answer is “yes.” Some have given this money to the church because they disagree with the way it was received. Others have given this money to the church because their needs are met and they believe the money can best utilized by someone in need. Regardless of your reasons, if you do not want or need the money given in your recent stimulus check you are encouraged to direct the money to Saving Grace’s Hope Fund. What is the Hope Fund? The Hope Fund specifically provides for the needs of those in our church and community by paying for gas, groceries, utilities, etc. In other words, it helps individuals burdened financially. If you desire to give to the Hope Fund please write a check to Saving Grace and put “Hope Fund” in the memo. If you prefer to give online there is an opportunity to indicate the money be directed to the Hope Fund. Thank you for meeting the physical needs of those in our church and community.