Sign up to support a child from Guatemala, January 19th at Saving Grace. See details below.
The Guatemala Friendship Ministry is a partnership between Children’s HopeChest, Gethsemane Church, Summit Community Church, Saving Grace Lutheran Church and Risen Savior Lutheran Church to provide nutrition, medical and educational support, in addition to discipleship and emotional support to vulnerable children in the Guatemala La Cuchilla Community.



How can I participate in the Guatemala Friendship Ministry?

  • By becoming a Friendship Partner to a child in La Cuchilla
  • By becoming a gift donor to facilitate development projects in La Cuchilla
  • By participating in mission trips to La Cuchilla
  • By keeping the Guatemala Friendship Ministry in your prayer

Become a Friendship Partner to a Child

Why would you become a friendship partner?

The way Children’s HopeChest is structured, a Friendship Partnership enables you to enjoy the unique opportunity to have a one-on-one personal relationship with a child from La Cuchilla. Through letters, photographs and even potential mission visits you will have an opportunity to build a friendship that can last a lifetime and provide hope for a child.

What are the responsibilities of a child’s friendship partner?

  • Pray for your child friendship partner
  • Letter writing to your child friendship partner at least three times per year. Sharing photos and offering words of encouragement (you don’t need to know Spanish. Letters are interpreted by children’s HopeChest). Letters and photos can be sent on the La Cuchilla Community website.
  • Optional mission visit to see your child friendship partner
  • Cost $45 per month. This is tax deductible. A minimum one-year commitment to remain the child’s friendship partner. However, a long term relationship would be extremely positive on the child’s development
Together, with four churches and Children’s HopeChest, we will be better able to provide a foundation that will ensure the sustainable well-being of these children.

Sign up on January 19th to be child’s friendship partner

You can sign up at Saving Grace to be a child’s friendship partner January 19th after each service. A representative from Children’s HopeChest will be at Saving Grace to answer questions you may have. 
We are “blessed to be a blessing”
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